My Story

I’m Robin Wilson, Wellness Specialist and founder of Holistic Wellness.

The first 40 years of my life was like a roller coaster ride.

By the late 90’s I was overweight, stressed out, lacking energy, and generally not in a good place.
Trying to juggle motherhood with a demanding career and the stresses of a seriously unwell husband (he’s all good now!) eventually paid its price. I knew something needed to change as I reached breaking point. Through a gradual process, I made changes to my diet and lifestyle. This included finally ending my relationship with alcohol as I realised it was not serving me well. Honesty call – this was a challenging process. On the outside, life was good and physically, I looked in great shape. But just like painting over rust, the initial gloss may look good, but it won’t last.

But my better health journey didn’t stop.

Fast forward. Despite making significant health changes, ten years later I developed Ulcerative Colitis – a hideous autoimmune disease. In hindsight the changes I’d made predominantly related to the physical aspect of wellness only. My life was still out of balance. 

The next part of my journey began, to heal myself naturally. “There’s no cure for it” didn’t resonate with me! My body was simply saying “Why aren’t you listening? I’ve given you enough clues!”

I started listening to my body.

I began taking more notice of how my body felt and my mind body connection: what was happening emotionally for me. By joining the dots and taking a more holistic approach looking at all aspects of my wellness, it worked!

I took the leap of faith and left my career in banking, retrained and became a certified Health and Wellness Coach and Remedial Massage Therapist.

Today I help people who are feeling stuck just like I was. Stressed out, tired, lacking in energy and feeling uncomfortable in more ways than one. Also those suffering from an autoimmune disease or digestive issues, who are wanting to take a more holistic approach to their wellness.

Reflecting, if only I’d had a Health Coach back then to guide and support me when I was ready for change. I can be that person for you now.

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