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Ways you can work with me

If you feel ready to gain a deeper understanding of the lifestyle choices that work best for you, I’m here to help.

No one wants to feel off their game or burned out, but sometimes life’s obstacles get in the way. 

That’s why I’ve designed these packages to support you to bring your life back on track and into balance. 


Wellness Strategy Session (complimentary)

20 minutes by phone or zoom 

During a virtual chat, we’ll discuss what’s going on for you and discover if working together feels like the right thing. Think of this session as a no obligation chat to discuss your current situation and to determine how I can help you reach your wellbeing goals.


Three one-hour sessions over six weeks.

A short programme to get you started and on track. You’ll learn practical tips you can implement straight away and develop a plan to improve your health, wellbeing and life balance while reducing your stress levels.

Pre work:

  • Complete a short Health History to get ready for our first session together.

Session One:

  • Review your Health History to understand where you’re at right now and get clear on your priorities
  • Assess your own life balance, stress and wellness levels
  • Set the direction and agree on a plan that feels right for you 

Session Two:

  • Check in on your progress two weeks after initial session, provide support, coaching and resources

Session Three:

  • Review and Refine goals, agree on the next steps
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Building your Resilience

Three one-hour sessions over six weeks.

Resilience has become another buzz word but what does it mean in relation to our working lives? 

This programme utilises the Resilience at Work™ (R@W) toolkit. It’s based on building on your strengths, the things that are already working well for you. Plus we’ll look at managing the stresses and issues you face. There are seven different aspects to the toolkit, we will work on what is relevant to you, taking a holistic approach.  

Pre work:

  • Complete a quick online survey to measure your resilience (around 10 minutes)

Session One:

  • Delve into your R@W survey, get to understand your results as a starting point
  • Prioritise what is most important for you to work on
  • Get a realistic plan in place

Session Two:

  • Check in two weeks later, how are you going – dig a little deeper 

Session Three:

  • Fine tune your goals and discuss ‘what’s next’.

Your Programme includes:

  • Completing the R@W Individual survey 
  • Reviewing and understanding your survey results
  • Coaching and goal setting
  • Building your Resilience Workbook written by Kathryn McEwen
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Take Charge of Your Wellbeing

Eight one-hour sessions over four months.

If you’re wanting to take your health and happiness to the next level, this personalised programme is for you. Over eight sessions, we’ll explore concerns specific to you and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. Experience shows, it takes time to make lasting changes.

During our time together, you will set and accomplish your own goals – this is your programme after all.

These may include (but are not limited to):

  • Get your mojo back and improve personal relationships – including with yourself!
  • Delve into Home / Work balance so you can get your life back on track
  • Understand your triggers: what’s pushing your buttons and what may be happening ‘below the surface’ for you
  • Identifying healthy food options that are right for you so you can increase your energy, decrease brain fog and gain clarity about what’s right for you without experiencing deprivation
  • Understand and reduce cravings, banish that 3 pm slump
  • Tackle digestive issues which could be causing mood, anxiety, weight, bloating, skin, hair, sleep or other problems
  • Get to the underlying causes of aches and pains so you can get moving with ease and once again feel like getting out of bed in the morning
  • Work on getting on top of an autoimmune disease so you can live the best life possible

Your programme includes:

  • Two 1 hour sessions per month over 4 – 5  months. Virtual via zoom or in person in Havelock North
  • Email support between sessions
  • Handouts, tools and other materials to support you
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Rest | Restore | Recharge

Two nights, tucked away at the luxurious Kereru Lodge nestled at the foot of the Rauhine Ranges. You will enjoy peace and quiet and time to rest, restore and recharge your batteries. Staying in the renovated Gospel Hall accommodation which includes a beautiful outdoor area. With a spa pool, surrounded by NZ natives, pet livestock and incredible birdlife, you will have time to disconnect from the hustle and stress of everyday life. A time to reflect, look at your current situation and plan the next steps on your wellness path.

The time is flexible and will be tailored to suit your individual needs. You will arrive after 2 pm on day one and have time to settle in, relax, enjoy a walk after travelling or a soak in the spa pool.

Over your time at Kereru Lodge, we will have several sessions together to:

  • Review your Health History or R@W survey to understand where you’re at right now
  • Assess your own life balance, stress and wellness levels
  • Agree on a way forward that is right for you

Your package includes:

  • 1:1 coaching session
  • Handouts, tools and other materials to support you
  • Check in on progress and provide support, two weeks after your time away
  • 2 nights’ accommodation and plant-based meals are included

Optional extras which can be added:

  • A massage, or facial, or both.
  • An optional cooking session where we will prepare a whole food plant-based meal and snacks

This package is subject to availability, a discount is offered for midweek bookings.

You will leave Kereru Lodge by 11 am, after your second nights stay.

Rest | Restore | Recharge can be tailored for a couple, please enquire for further details.

Available on request: Tailored Group Workshops, Wellness Retreats, or Speaker.

Here's what Cheryl had to say...

You helped me reflect and set a plan rather than continuing to go round in circles.
Many thanks for a very succinct coaching session recently that really helped me hone in on what I needed to focus on to move forward. It set in motion a journey of self discovery that had me surprised but clarified very clearly what I needed to do. You helped me reflect and set a plan rather than continuing to go round in circles! I can thoroughly recommend Robin for her professional and non judgmental approach to any challenge plus her patience and guidance through the process of getting clear about the next steps.
Cheryl Scott
Myofascial Release Massage

Workplace Wellness

An organisation is only as healthy as it’s employees so the greatest investment an organisation can make is in their people. Providing a happy healthy workplace is the smart thing and the right thing to do for your team, and your business.

Workplace Wellness offers consultancy services and customised workplace programmes, unlocking the benefits of a healthy workplace for businesses and individuals.


I’ve always been a believer in supplements and took high quality products.  Then several years ago, I was offered the opportunity by a friend to try USANA Health Science. What convinced me was reading the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliams

USANA was rated #1! So, I tried the products and really noticed a difference. 
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