Health and Wellness Coaches partner with clients seeking self-directed, lasting changes, which align with their values. This promotes health and wellness, thereby enhancing well-being. In the course of their work, health and wellness coaches display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their capacity for change. Honouring each client as an expert on his or her life, while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental is a priority.

Many clients may not have a safe space to share their health concerns, personal goals and aspirations so being heard by someone else is very powerful.

The art of listening is one of the greatest skills in a coach’s tool kit. As a coach, I am trained to help clients shift their behaviour to healthier habits by making step-by-step, gradual changes to their diet and lifestyle.

A Coach will guide and support you to implement and make positive changes – the how to, based on your personal goals, beliefs and preferences.

Nutritionists are experts in completing individualised treatment plans and recommendations for their clients – the what to do.

Often, we are given great information and advice, however implementing this may not be quite as simple for many different reasons. Health and Wellness Coaches often work alongside other professionals (including Doctors) to complement each other.

Coaching is focused on present-time issues and solutions. While we may talk about past events, this happens in the context of learning from our past in order to look at our present situation. Coaching is future focused and the primary focus is on creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals.

The therapy client will sometimes feel unable to get back up or on with life while the coaching client is simply stuck or has lost his or her way.

A common theme has been clients gaining a far deeper understanding of what does and doesn’t work for them, both at home, and at work. By taking action, they’ve said goodbye to issues like irritable bowel syndrome, joint stiffness and swelling, increased their energy levels and regained their mojo. Some have got back into favourite clothes while others have reduced their anxiety levels.

Everyone makes changes at different rates. My philosophy is about first up finding out what is, and is not working for you and then together setting small, actionable goals that feel right for you.

We also working on uncovering the messages your body may be giving you, I call this using your Nutrition Intuition and I will share tools with you to do this.

As everyone comes with their own individual backgrounds, beliefs and circumstances, sessions are tailored to your specific needs.

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