Cashew, Ginger and Lime bombs

Easter is nearly upon us, it’s a time we tend to enjoy a little something extra in the way of chocolate! By using organic Cacao powder to make these balls, you’re getting antioxidants, magnesium, calcium, iron and the feel good factor all wrapped up in a ball! My philosophy is not about deprivation when you’re working on a healthier lifestyle, but making better choices (crowd out those not so good ones) making it so much easier.​GF DF V but not taste free!   Here’s ho […]

Smoothie or juice?

​You’re not alone if you’re confused by the smoothie and juicing hype and don’t really know why you’d do one over the other. Will this really lead to a healthier life? Or, perhaps you’re wondering what’s the difference? I was recently asked “When you say juicing, do you mean just squeezing the life out of the fruit and veg in a juicer or chopping it up finely in a nutri bullet type thing and drinking all of it? ​It seems like such a waste throwi […]

3 things I learned from a walk in the woods

The day was drawing to a close. 2017 was nearly done. I’d walked the tracks in my neighbouring reserve many times before and was out with our dog Jax for my last reserve walk in 2017. I thought I knew all the tracks. I decided to walk further than usual, it was fabulous being out in one of my favourite places in nature. Next minute, Jax dived off down a bank in a different direction to the way we were going. For some reason, I decided to follow her and noticed a path that I didn’t kn […]

One simple trick to get through your day with less overwhelm (and it’s not rocket science!)

It’s the time of year when overwhelm can creep up on you. Those words are flying around in your head that “everything has to be done by Christmas (who knows why??!) and you’re struggling to cope. Before you know it or realise what’s going on, it happens. You’re constantly tired, there never seems to be enough hours in the day, brain fog has crept in and you can’t think straight. Bang!    I’ve been hearing a similar story lately from a number of women; after a […]

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