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We had to climb a rock wall at Outward Bound. 

Standing at the bottom, it seemed impossible. When I looked up it was rocky and I couldn’t see how I was going to do it. Where I could possibly put my feet or hands, it was hard and I just didn’t think I could do it. But I had a guide, and I had a harness and ropes that gave me the strength and confidence to get up that wall, which I might not have been able to do if I had not had that support.

So my question to you is, will you be willing to let me be your guide and harnesses to get up that metaphorical wall that’s the blockage in your life? 

  • It could be balancing your workload with you family or homelife. You know that you can get through this but it’s tough.
  • It could be that your energy levels are at an all time low and physical symptoms are showing up in your body. You know you can do something about it but obstacles keep getting in the way.  
  • It could be your friends and family are feeling fabulous following the latest diet or lifestyle trend, but it leaves you feeling absolutely cruddy. You know you can make the changes, and really want to, but it’s not easy finding the right answers for you.
  • Or you’ve entered a new life stage and what used to work for you, simply isn’t any longer. You’re feeling off course and your batteries are running at an all time low.  

In these situations you need support and you need the right tools to be able to overcome the obstacles. 

I know I can be that person. Are you willing to call me today to take that first step? Yes?

You're not alone. That was me

Stressed out, burnt out, not in a good place.

You don’t need to have a painful wakeup call like I did, to start making small, manageable changes towards better health and wellbeing and living the life you want to live.

Here's what's important to me:

We’ll focus on uncovering what is right and sustainable for you, as everyone is different. 

Truth bomb – none of us really like to be told what to do. You are resourceful and deep down know what feels right for you, sometimes you simply need someone to guide and support you along the way. 

If you’re ready for positive change, let’s talk, either give me a call or book a free Wellness Strategy Session where we’ll talk through what’s going on for you and discover if working together feels like the right thing for you

 Remember, you’ve got this ….

Follow your truth, trust yourself, be courageous

You can start your journey here...

Check out my 7 tips to help reduce overwhelm and create more balance in your life.

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Finding ways to meet needs

Robin is a sensitive and healing coach - always looking for new ways to help. I am working with her and find gold in every consultation. Finding ways to meet our needs is Robin's benchmark.
- Robyn Hewetson, Hastings

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Strength to carry on

Thank you very much Robin for your support. My sessions truly gave me the strength & determination to soldier on and look at life differently. You have an ability to connect with people, look at what's best for them and advise accordingly. You rock.
- Irena Mikolic, Havelock North

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Gained motivation and drive

Robin is absolutely amazing, not only was she very helpful with my health, she also gave me motivation and drive to help me hit my medical condition head on. Now I can move forward in the right mind frame.
- Emma Goldsmith, Brisbane

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